The European Union has selected the application for IN.TUNE – Innovative Universities in Music & Arts in Europe as one of the seven outstanding alliances out of 39 submissions. The official launch of the program took place on November 10th 2023), during the 50th annual AEC congress at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. This first European Universities Alliance in the area of music and arts fully subscribes to the principles and goals set by the recent European Strategy for Universities, which underlines the important role of higher education in shaping sustainable, democratic and resilient societies. It is as a role model for the transformation of the European higher music education sector towards an inclusive and excellent, societally responsible and autonomous, innovative and student-centered future.

A strong consortium in the midst of societal change
IN.TUNE is set to become a remarkable addition to the European University initiative, being the first alliance dedicated to the field of music and arts. The establishment of IN.TUNE takes place in the midst of various societal developments, which present both opportunities and challenges to higher music education and the cultural and creative sector. Changes in the situations of musicians and artists due to rapid technological developments, shifts in professional roles and increasingly insecure forms of funding to the cultural and creative sector, are urging institutions to adapt their traditional pedagogical practices. IN.TUNE brings together a consortium of prestigious institutions that share a collective vision of enhancing their quality, performance, attractiveness, and international competitiveness. The partner institutions include the Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo, National University for Music Bucharest, Conservatoire de Paris, Uniarts Helsinki – Sibelius Academy, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya Barcelona, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, University of the Arts The Hague – Royal Conservatoire, and University of Arts Belgrade.

Working towards long-term sustainability
The collaboration’s design is rooted in the creation of frameworks, methodologies, and policies, each with specific activities and deliverables aimed at ensuring long-term sustainability. The alliance’s work revolves around four core thematic areas: Joint Education Provision & Mobility, Research & Innovation, Societal Engagement, and Alliance Governance & Cooperation. These areas will be addressed through eight work packages with each partner institution leading one but also actively participating in others, ensuring that expertise, commitment, and workload are equally distributed. Key outcomes will include mobility frameworks, research and innovation collaboration mechanisms, and policies for societal engagement.

Next steps

The collaboration aims to play an active role in shaping the future of both the sector and our societies by taking up the educational, professional, societal, technological and ecological challenges of today through creating a forward-looking institutional environment, and by empowering students and staff to address these challenges in their creative work. In the coming months, the eight partner institutions will be working on the first outlines of the framework around the core thematic areas. Each lead institution will keep involved and interested parties updated via regular publications on the website

About IN.TUNE:
IN.TUNE is an Innovative Universities in Music & Arts alliance established to foster collaboration and transformation in the field of music and arts education across Europe. Comprising eight distinguished partner institutions, IN.TUNE is committed to enhancing the quality, performance, and international competitiveness of arts education and research.

Website address:

Upcoming activities:

Meeting in Bucharest: 13th – 15th of March 2024. This meeting is meant to gather the Institutional Alliance Managers and the Administrative Committee from all the partner institutions around certain topics of interest, such as governance, finances, legislative aspects in order to set up the framework for the future activities of the Alliance.


A detailed agenda and a photo gallery will follow.