News DRIPC December 2015

Between 17th – 18th of December 2015 took place the 1st Steering group meeting inside the frame of the ERASMUS + KA2 strategic partnership project, VOXearlyMUS.  At this meeting, hosted by the National University of Music Bucharest, participated representatives of all the partners institutions: Martin Prchal and Monica Damen (Den Haag Royal Conservatoire), Regina Himmelbauer (“Joseph Haydn” Konservatorium Eisenstadt), Riccardo Ceni (Conservatorio di Musica “Arrigo Boito” Parma), Terrell Stone (Conservatorio di Musica “Arrigo Pedrollo” Vicenza), Stefan Gies (Association of the European Conservatoires – AEC), Andrea Damiani (Fondazione Italiana per la Musica Antica – FIMA), Voicu Enăchescu (National Choir Association – ANCR) and Angela Șindeli (National University of Music Bucharest).


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