Mission & Strategy


  1. Concerning the value and importance of music
    …in building an actual, multi-cultural and European integrated society, as the most representative example of efficiency in the non-verbal communication.
  2. Concerning the necessity of the 1-to-1 tuition
    …as the basis of a qualitative music higher education.
  3. Concerning the creative integration
    …of all the levels of music education, from childhood to adulthood, including the lifelong learning process.
  4. Concerning the collaborative benefits of music
    …that the exchange of ideas, dialogue and critical reflection bring in educating, learning and promoting own values.


The mission of National University of Music Bucharest can be defined through its four functions: preservation, orientation, filtration and training.

  1. Preservationrepresents the permanent goal in offering a core of values and good practices, continuously updated.
  2. Orientation consists in encouraging a personal option and vision, as a result of a previous and profound knowledge of music.
  3. Filtration clarifies the wide and distorted information and gives it a direction while encouraging the critical and reflexive thinking.
  4. Training creates the premises of shaping the taste within the spirit of the musical tradition and the freedom of innovation.

Development Plan 2012-2016

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