The fourth edition of the International Staff Training Week in Ferrara

Between 8th – 12th of June 2015 took place the fourth edition of the International Staff Training Week, event hosted and organized by the Ferrara University, in cooperation with music academies and conservatories from the Italian region Emilia Romagna. The International Week gathered more than 30 participants from European universities and the discussions were mainly focused on the following topics: national legislation regarding the admission of the foreign students, administrative procedures, double-diploma, the offer of courses/lectures taught in English, students’ recruitment, university rankings. National University of Music Bucharest has been represented to this evant by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lucia Costinescu – ERASMUS + Institutional Coordinator, head of the International Relations Department, and Angela Sindeli – International Relations Officer. More details about the International Staff Training Week can be found at


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